Saturday, March 19, 2011

Curly's Vegetarian Lunch

Only have a quick minute to do a post before running to the gym, lab, and then getting ready for a night out with some former RA friends!

This afternoon Curly's Vegetarian Lunch was on my brain. I was speaking of their veggie burgers last night, and when a friend asked me this morning if I wanted to have lunch I immediately thought of this east village hole in the wall and my omnivore friend was happy to oblige.

After looking through the menu I thought of trying a few of the new dishes added to the menu, including their crab cake po'boy (made with meat substitution), but in the end went with the Buffalo style veggie burger. Such a good choice, I forgot just how amazing their burgers taste. I need to work on replicating a few of their dishes.

Matt was also happy with his Texas style burger (veggie burger topped with fried egg and cheese). Oh, I also stole one of his curly fries since I opted for the side salad. He said it was good, but he couldn't go into the bite thinking of a burger, more of sandwich.

I haven't had a real burger in 10 some years, and even then they were turkey burgers, so the thought doesn't even cross my mind. I just know they're awesomesauce!!

Have a great night,

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  1. That does look really yummy! I don't ever discern burgers or veggie burgers either...and I even do eat both now.