Sunday, February 6, 2011

Take 2

What a busy weekend I've had after the flu took me for a loop at the end of last week into the beginning part of this week!

It was also a foodies paradise...I'm still in awe, though full, just thinking of it all!

A while back I made a pit stop into Eataly, Mario Batali's Italian food and wine market place. Unforetually at the time I was just told by the allergist to minimize by bread, cheese, and wine intake. Well obviously that meant Eataly wasn't much of an option. Thankfully I'm no longer on such a strict diet, and while still try to limit these items, I can enjoy them...and enjoy them I did this past Saturday.

We decided to just order a few dishes from a couple of the restaurants in order to try as much as possible. Our first stop, the fish market, where we enjoyed a trio of Crudo, basically Italian sushi. From left to right it was Black Bass, Mackerel (our favorite of the 3, it just melted in my mouth!), and Fluke. We also enjoyed seared scallops, which we paired with a glass of Satrico. Absolutely loved this wine, not sweet, but not exactly dry either.

We then headed to the pasta market. I wandered through the store while waiting for our name to be called.

And sampled quite a bit of fresh bread.

Then it was pasta time!
We went with the pesto lasagna.

Paired with a glass of red this time-Barbera 2008.

And finally we grabbed a few desserts to split and share including a flourless chocolate cake,

an almond torte,

a cannoli,
And a bit of nougat. I took only a bit of each, my tummy was full and content from dinner and wine, but dessert was amazing and could not be skipped.

More to come...

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