Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Munchies

I have been eating very well all week! Lots of fruits and veggies and such. So, when Super Bowl Sunday rolled around, I was thinking lots of junk food was in order. We had so many tasty things!

First, is two kinds of dips.

Sausage cheese dip. Oh, so very tasty.

My friend Michelle made a layered taco dip. Also very good!

Next, is meatballs. Who can resist these? A friend of the family made them.

And chili! Probably one of my favorite foods ever. This is one food item I can make without a recipe, and it turns out great every time.

The next thing I am very happy about. I have made baked chicken wings in the past, but these were the best by far. They tasted exactly like fried wings! First, you boil them in water spiced with cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. Do not breathe this in, it's very strong!

Then, you broil the wings for 15 minutes on each side, coat in sauce, and serve!

For dessert, my mom made a cherry pretzel dessert. There's a pretzel crust, cream cheese filling, then cherries on top. The sweet and salty combo is so good! I could have just taken a spoon and the whole pan of this stuff and eaten it all. Thank goodness I have self control.

Did anyone else notice that Christina Aguilera messed up the National Anthem? That's just embarrassing and sad.

So, what commercials did you enjoy? I really like the Doritos commercials. They were pretty funny!

And the half time show was amazing, don't you think!? It was way better than my expectations. What did you think of it?

Have a nice week!


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  1. We had the same type of sausage cheese dip at our party! It's so good! That dessert your mamma made looks incredible! I love pretzels, but have never eaten anything with a pretzel crust. Yum!