Sunday, February 13, 2011

Too much playtime

Hey Bloggies,

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Mine was suppose to be mostly work with a little play, but I ended up playing a bit too much and somehow it's already Sunday night :( I somewhat miss the days of undergrad when deadlines were home and test that I couldn't put off, but when they come in the form of meetings that can be reschedule and such it's much easier to put work off and enjoy the rest of life. Anyhow, enough my work complaints...I probably talk about them way too much in this blog.

Let's get to the rest of my weekend...or week really. Last Thursday a few of my classmates got together for dinner and a movie. Dinner was at Alice's Tea Cup. I love Alice's and don't think I could ever get always brings a smile to my face!!

Samples while we waited for our table.

There was 5 of us for dinner. 4/5 girls decided to do more of a traditional tea with scones, tea sandwiches, dessert, and tea.

I went a little healthier and ordered a roasted veggie sandwich with a side salad. I also snagged a scone from the other girls. It was banana butterscotch and was the best scone I've ever had. The flavor combination was perfect and the scone was nice and moist.

I also had a pot of chocolate caramel tea, again amazing!

Then it was back to Jenn's apartment for a movie. Not that we needed more to eat but we passed the grocery store on the way to her apartment and blood oranges were on sale. As a result it was decided to make blood orange sorbet. I don't quite recall how the decision was made but I'm glad it was...this was delicious. It was also extremely easy to make, 2 cups of juice from blood oranges and 1/2 cup of sugar.

This Saturday I had brunch at Josie's West with Matt. No pictures but a yummy tofu scramble was enjoyed.

After brunch we took in the beautiful winter landscape of central park. I think I was able to appreciate it because I can feel spring approaching. It'll be near 60 by Friday!!

Frozen lake

Is this the ground or frozen water?
Probably best not to test and see...

More exploring. I always forget about the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. I think I've only ever been inside on one other location.
Views from the castle.
Shakespeare in the park theater
The castle!
And again looking down, more frozen water.
I spent the rest of my Saturday in lab and got in a 10 mile run...I was only planning on 7 but got into a good zone. I'm also getting faster, I was able to keep a pace of 8:36 min/mile. Then just as I was about to shower from my run and head back to lab or at least sit down for some reading my friend convinced me to meet up for a drink. Well, one drink turned into 2 and a night of dancing. Next think I knew it was 3:30 am and I caught a taxi back home and passed out!

Today I did a quick recovery run of 2.25 miles at a 9:02 min/mile pace. I also wanted to get some yoga in but I need to do some more work so I think I'll get in a quick session of either yoga or pilates and some upper body strength tomorrow morning.

See ya during the week,


  1. There is NO shame in playing. As students, we need it. Looks like you have had a ton of fun and you are gettin quite speedy! Have a great week!!

  2. Its always good to play! That tea place looks super cute