Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ACL Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3 of ACL I took the approach of seeing more but being further away from the stage. It turned that I was still able to get rather close for a few performances including Matt and Kim and the Temper Trap on Day 2.

The first half of the Temper Trap seemed a bit off, perhaps due to the lead's issues earphones and not being able to hear himself...

...but halfway through he was in his element.
New Bands I discovered and enjoyed
Day 2, Lissie-Folk rock artist

and Day 3 The Foals- Indie rock group from Oxford England (obsessed with english bands!)

Day 3 I arrived incredibly early to catch Shearwater with my favorite character drummer-Thor!

Unfortunately he wasn't present because he was back in NYC playing with the Swans, I was bummed but the still enjoyed their performance and was able to quickly get away for a close spot for the White Rabbits.

I first really got into the White Rabbits at APW last year and since have been trying to catch them in NYC. They come through pretty often and give inexpensive shows and even had a free performance late in the summer but I didn't end up going due to rain. After speaking with a few people I met at the festival who hated on the band I was beginning to think maybe I had been lucky last year with the awesome performance; but the band once again put on a great set, full of energy and rocked out!

I proceeded to hop stages to see the Foals, then a bit of Devendra Banhard and the Grogs and then went 40 minutes early to insure I was nice and close for the Morning Benders. I was also able to watch them set up and do sound check-any chance I have to watch Chris is well spent ;)

After a rendition of Excuses I ran to squeeze my way through the crowd for Yeasayer who was fun as always.

Look how excited the security guard looks!

Finally taking a break I grabbed dinner and set down a bit before catching Band of Horses and Norah Jones.

Band of Horses nearly brought tears to my eyes when No One's Gonna Love You was dedicated to his son. I think I was already overly emotional after being in the sun for 3 days, but it's my favorite Band of Horses' song and the gesture was so sincere.

The weekend ended with the soulful Norah Jones and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the night.

One more Austin post to highlight my last day in the city.


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