Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After wandering around the city for a few hours Saturday evening originally looking for a new place to eat and then wasting some time before our 9:50pm showing of The Social Network, we found out that the showing was cancelled because of a broken projector and were given the option of waiting until 11 pm or getting a refund. Originally we were going to wait the 2 hours (we had arrived early so it was still 9pm at this point) but then after a second thought decided to get our refund and return the following day.

Instead we ended up venturing to Chickalicious. Well it wasn't much of an adventure for my friend Ryan because he lives a few doors down and frequents the dessert restaurant, but this was my first time. Oh and by the way The Social Network was excellent, a must see for anyone of the current generation. It was so interesting to see the social site grow from when it went live January 2004. I mean I received my first facebook invite in June 2004, just 6 months later, when it was still The Facebook and rather exclusive.

But back to dessert...

Oh and you should know that I love desserts! When at NYU I rarely splurged on dinner since I was poorer than I am now and was happy cooking at home, but dessert was my thing. It was an inexpensive way to socialize with friends (New York has several restaurant and establishments that only sell dessert) and apart from cookies, cakes, and brownies, I don't do much baking.

Chickalicious is unique in that it brings fine dining to simply dessert, which agains makes it available to more because the fixed menu price is affordable.

I also loved the decor, from the menus:
To the silverware arrangement:
First course-I can't remember exactly but it tasted like carmel popcorn:

Second-Pluot tart with buttermilk ice cream, I think...

3rd-an arrangement of cookies:

Sorry for the spastic post, try to get things in line before flying out to Austin this evening.


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  1. Will you be back in NYC next week? LOVE the dessert place. Anything sweet is my fav, too!