Saturday, October 9, 2010

Discovering Austin

I arrived in Austin a day later than expected because the flight in my connecting city, Charolette was overbooked. I gave up my seat in exchange for a $400 flight voucher, meal coupon, and a night in a hotel, good deal to me!

And look at the hotel-a suite all for me!

Breakfast, also grabbed an apple and coffee:

11 am the next morning I was in Austin, made it to my friends house, settled in for a bit and began to explore.

Things I like about Austin so far-
-love the music scene
-Caesar Chavez path along the river

-Canoeing on the river
-Yoga in the park event

-the historic area of 6th street

-the capital building

Things I'm not so found of:
-The random guinea hen that started chasing me in the North Loop, later found out that my friend had a similar experience with the bird when she lived in that area
-Walking not really an option here. I walked to the bus stop yesterday and ended up having a 20 year old basically run after me so he could talk, ah weird (my friend lives about 2 miles northeast of downtown so it's more residential or large roads)

-The traditional mexican/taco stands are not vegetarian friendly or mold diet free friendly ;)

Off to quick round of pilates and onto ACL!

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  1. That's disappointing that the city isn't walkable :( Your time in Austin looks like it is so much fun!! See you soon- we wil know our schedule a bit more when we get to NYC but the 12 or 13th sound great!