Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Likes Mostly

So my list of likes and dislikes of Austin continues and the list is more likes than anything so I'll do the dislikes first.

The Airport! Particularly security, the lines were long and I only just made it for the boarding of my 6:20 flight.

Now the likes...

1. My friend Dana's 1968 Ford Truck, which she is looking to sell, any takers?

2. Her beautiful house with roses and many other flowers...

3. Cacti all over the place
4. The food cart culture
We had sushi from Sushi A-Go-Go, our first choice was Lulu B's, a vegan friendly Vietnamese truck, but it was closed-as are many carts on Monday.
Green tea straight from Japan-it was so strong!
Afterward I had a wedding cake snow cone, the texture was just like snow and the flavor was amazing, so so good!!
5. Lady Bird Lake and Barton Springs (part of the Colorado River), likely my favorite part of the city, while canoeing it felt like I was the furtherest thing away from a city. There were turtles and fish all over the place and the water was so clean and clear. Better yet, we were able to canoe for free by picking up trash along the way. Great way to keep the banks and water clean!! Dana rocked at this task and walked up in the bank picking up smelly trash that I would have never dared to go near. Thanks girl!!

6. The number of food co-ops and organic food options, I got some really inexpensive granola and nuts from Wheatsville
7. The number of Vietnamese food options, my last night we went to Le Soleil

And we got so much food for about 8 a person including tax and tip! I've clearly lived in NYC too long, I forgot you can go out and eat for under 10 a person.

Currently back in lab for a day working on a presentation, do some laundry, pack and fly off again tomorrow at the crack of dawn! Excited to stay put for a while starting Monday. It's been really hard to stick to my Mold free diet and I'm actually going to postpone my next allergy appointment since I haven't been the best with following it...I've been good but while in Austin in particular I've gone ahead and had a few sauces and cheese when I'm suppose to avoid.

See you soon from California,

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