Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Hey everyone! I'm taking a few minutes to relax from making all kinds of tasty things and cleaning to prepare for Christmas! I've been busy and working since 9 this morning.

Since everyone has been home, I decided to make a family recipe for dinner the other night. We have some Polish heritage, so I made stuffed cabbage rolls. They are very tasty!

Today, I've made so many things. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to make all of our favorite foods. This year, I chose deviled eggs, which I made this morning. I used a Rachael Ray recipe, which is close to traditional, but adds bacon into the mix. Bacon makes everything taste better!

I also made a cheese ball and a ham dip, not pictured because my camera died before I made them. We are also making a spicy sausage dip, buying buffalo wings (extra hot!) and making mac and cheese. I might also make mini crescent dogs.

And now onto dessert goodies I made today. I used a cookie press to make these:

After looking in 5 different stores, I finally found mini candy canes. I saw an idea for heart-shaped peppermint bark I wanted to try. They turned out great!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. That is the cutest peppermint bark...EVER!

  2. agreed that peppermint bark is so cute

  3. Great looking eggs and that dip sounds sooo delicious!!! Hope you enjoyed it all. Have a happy holiday!