Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Fun

While Nicole was taking it easy this weekend, I was on the go! My Aunt and Uncle were in town from Houston, and we went into NYC on Saturday. We got on the train without tickets because there was no time, and the ticket person never came around! The free ride there started out the day right! We got off at Newark station and took the PATH train to the World Trade Center stop. From there, we walked to a small memorial museum. Looking at all the pictures of the missing and quotes from survivors on the wall was very moving.

From there, we took the subway to 50th street and had some great NY pizza before going to the Broadway show Promises, Promises. The restaurant was busy, so no time for pictures of the pizza. Anyway, the show was amazing! Sean Hayes and Molly Shannon were hilarious, and Kristen Chenoweth's voice was phenomenal. My aunt and uncle went to see The Jersey Boys, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

After the Show, we walked the few blocks to Rockefeller Center to view the tree, watch the people ice skate, and to eat! We got in line to wait for a table at the Rock Center Cafe, where they told us the wait would be about an hour. We considered that pretty good for an extremely busy Saturday night. To our surprise, we were called after only 10 minutes of waiting, because other groups didn't have all their members present. We got a table with a view of ice skating and had some great food! I had an apple martini, which was great! It wasn't a green apple martini; it was more like apple cinnamon.

For dinner, I got mahi-mahi on a puree of butternut squash and we got roasted cauliflower and swiss chard. It tasted like the holidays!

On Sunday, it was Christmas fun day! My friend Michelle came over, and along with the rest of the family, we decorated our Christmas tree. That's one of the most fun things to do around the holidays because you get to look at all the ornaments and remember all the past Christmases.

The truck ornament my dad has looks like a truck my grandfather had.

My friend Michelle helping out.

Two very old ornaments we call Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge

After that, we made 2 kinds of cookies. First, we made Nutmeg Logs, which of course did not look like logs! They baked more flat than the picture. Overall, they tasted very good! I would call them eggnog cookies, though, because of the rum extract used in both the cookies and the frosting.

My dad seemed to enjoy them!

I had a peanut butter cookie mix in the pantry, so I decided to make the thumbprint pb cookies; some with jam and some with Hershey's kisses. They were very tasty! I love the chewiness of these cookies.

Two kinds of jam: homemade (not by me) strawberry/mulberry and cherry.

This is just the beginning of my Christmas cookie baking season. Any other suggestions?

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  1. It does look like so much fun! That cinnamon appletini looks great. I could use one right now....I ate such a similar dinner on Friday. By boyfriend took me to a fancy restaurant and I got Grilled Red Snapper with Butternut Squash and Thyme Risotto and Grilled Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette! Delicious...and we always make Peanut butter kiss cookies too. Happy Decemeber!!