Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strawberry Festival

Sorry about not posting since last week! I've been busy!

I went to a Strawberry Festival on Saturday. It's at a local shopping area called Peddler's Village. They have live music, vendors, and all the shops have sales. And of course, strawberries! I bought some strawberry preserves and sampled a couple of the baked goods they had to offer. They had any baked good available with strawberries. I bought the strawberry fritter, which was delicious! It tasted like a doughnut with a bit of strawberry flavor. My friend Michelle had a strawberry turnover, which was just as tasty.

I went to the Phillies game on Monday night, the one everyone's been talking about because the 17-year-old got Tased. We didn't even know he got Tased until the day after. Although they lost, it was still a good game and I had great seats. I had some tasty crab fries (sorry, no picture) and they were so very good! It was also Asian Pacific day, so there were several different performing groups, including this guy, who was pretty interesting. I took it when the Phillies Phanatic was dancing with him.

And recently, I've heard a great song on Alt Nation. Have you heard of Dan Black? His song "Symphonies" is pretty good!

That's it for now!


  1. the strawberry fritter looks delicious...oh my gosh!

  2. ditto what Maggs said. Great song -- I love hearing new (to me) artists!