Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Sunday afternoon I met several of my lab-mates to see a co-worker's gymnastics competition:

There were several age groups performing starting out with tots (ages 5-6) and ended with the adults and juniors.
We had plans to grab lunch as a group following the performance, however, this was not going to be until well past 3 so I snacked on Quaker Granola Bites that I found in the clearance section of Target a few weeks back. I'm hoping they were not on clearance because the product was discontinued, they were so delicious and filling. I'm going to have to look into recreating the product myself. Granola bites-yeah that's definitely a DIY project!

For lunch we went to Patsy's, which has some incredible thin slice pizza. We ordered 2 for sharing and a family size salad.

The food didn't come until around 4 so this ended up being more of an early dinner. I had 2.5 slices of pizza and 2 helpings of salad.

I definitely had my fill of pizza last week and it was oh so good; however, it made me feel like I was in undergrad again going to several free pizza events. I think I could use a pizza break.


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  1. I love pizza...its hands down my favorite food. I totally feel you about getting so much free pizza for undergrad events. They still give us pizza every now and then for class meetings. That is so cool about your coworker still doing gymnastics. Me and Mollie did gymnastics together growing up for a long time! Hope your week is going great!