Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 year anniversary concert-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Good Morning!

First the boring, breakfast today was a bowl of cereal,

with a hard boiled egg. Will also probably have some coffee in a bit.

Now to the exciting! Last night the Yeah Yeah Yeah's gave a 10 year anniversary show at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, where they went back to the basics "just the 3 of us and a couple hundred of you."

My friend waited in line for 4 hours yesterday to grab a ticket and it was definitely worth her time!

We jumped and danced with the sweaty crowd until we were also a sweaty mess, I have never sweated so much in my life at a concert, I think my jeans are still wet this morning!

The band also went back to basics by playing back through their catalogue of music with several of my favorites including Miles Away, Pin, Phenomena, and ended the set by serenading the crowd with Maps before rocking back out with Y Control.

While waiting for the trio to return for an encore, the crowd lit candles and sang happy birthday until Karen O took one, made a wish, and blew it out.

Such a great night! But after several nights up late now this girl is getting sick! Fingers crossed my head congestion medicine kicks in before I sneeze and contaminate my RNA samples.

Have a good one,

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  1. oh NYC -- so jealous you live there. Stuff like that doesnt happen in Bham!! I love that you got to go dancing!