Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My life in food

Last week was pretty uneventful. Only 2 half days of work leaves me very bored. When I have nothing to do, I usually bake or read, so I did a lot of both last week.

I made banana blueberry bread one day:

Then transformed it into nutella/blueberry preserves-stuffed french toast a few days later. Yum!

I knew I was going on a mini-vacation to the Poconos (mountains) this weekend, so I contributed brownies. I used a box mix, but added cherry-flavored morsels and frosting on top, and they were a big hit!

You can faintly see the red of the cherry morsels if you look closely!

And yesterday was one of the best food experiences of my life! I LOVE sushi, and I went to a sushi buffet yesterday. They had so many different selections to choose from, and I didn't want to stop eating! I will be going there many times in the future!

A fantastic soup!

The octopus/shrimp salad was amazing!

Some of my dad's sushi

My sushi

Finally, canned pumpkin is back on the shelves! I've been looking forward to making some healthy dog treats, and some pumpkin pancakes too! And maybe some other pumpkin dessert. Pumpkin mousse or custard, maybe? Something out of the ordinary would be fun to try.

And this is the week that new episodes of TV shows come back! My faves are probably Glee, Bones, and The Big Bang Theory. Can't wait for Glee tonight!


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