Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Montauk Yacht Club

Hey all-

It's Nicole and I just got back last night from my school retreat and had an amazing time! The trip began on a peaceful note and ended in the same manner but there was a lot of craziness in between, but I'll keep the pictures here PG.

This year my school's retreat was in Montauk, the furthest point out on Long Island, and it's just absolutely beautiful!! The purpose of our retreats are to hear the new and fascinating science your classmates are working on and also gives the opportunity to see other students. After the first 2 years when course work comes to an end and you're simply in the lab you very rarely see other students.

The weekend was scheduled such that we arrived with a bit of free time, listen to talks for a few hours, checked into rooms, dinner, and then an evening bonfire. The second day was more of the same and the last was all free time. With that I'll leave pictures and fewer words.

Freshly caught tuna, unfortunately not on the menu for the evening :(

Setting up for first round of talks:

The hotel room was super swanky, I mean a Keurig coffee maker!

I'm still new to the restricted diet thing (I'm on a mold free diet for 2 months) and didn't pack enough safe food for myself so I ended up making a few exceptions for the weekend, more so on the second night when everything seemed to be covered with either cheese or a cream sauce.

Night 1-salmon, salad with no dressing, potatoes, a few orange slices, and a few pieces of chocolate.

The first night of the retreat the Dean always makes a brief appearance to discuss the program, the new students, new faculty, new building plans or renovations, etc.

He also usually does some kind of musical performance as well.

Then we may have got a bit silly...
Bonfire on the beach:

Party moved indoors:

I don't think I fell asleep until 4:30 and then ended up waking at 9 the next morning for a light breakfast, apple muffin and peach. Look at my plate compared to my friend on the left, she then had the nerve to ask for a piece of my muffin, I had to laugh at that one!

I wish I could eat breakfast on this porch every morning:

Future scientist of america deep in thought:

Our retreat was at the Montauk Yacht Club which was newly renovated and again just amazing. Apparently we were not the only ones to think so, there was also a Ralph Lauren Photo Shoot Monday afternoon.

Part 1:

Part 2, moved outdoors:
Bonfire night 2:

Funny story, at dinner on night 2 a classmate spotted the guy from the "Man on Wire." Well most of us got up to look and I'm pretty sure he saw us, but apparently didn't mind because he ended up joining us around the bonfire.

And like I said, the trip ended where it began, nice and relaxing along the beach.

Today it's back to the grind and a rest on my liver. I'm not a drinker and I definitely had my share the last few days, my body is screaming for a detox!


  1. I love enjoying breakfast outside on the weekends. Can't wait for it to cool just a bit more here. :)

  2. Love the bonfire -- are smore's safe in the new diet? :)

  3. Haha-my roommate and I did take a minute to read the ingredients of marshmallows, they're all sugar and gelatin. Like 5 different kinds of sugar!, so I somehow figured 1 would be okay :)