Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving On

I'm going to share with the blogging world what a klutz I have been this week, then move on, and never mention again!!

1st-3 hours spent in the ER on Monday because I cut my finger at work.

I didn't end up needing stitches. Well, at least the doctor didn't give me stitches, he applied a liquid bandage, but it's not healing the best so I think he should have given me stitches. I'm just hoping I don't end up with too bad of a scar.

Then I was fortunate to spend the day at the US Open yesterday, but the heat was killer, 98* with little shade!

Water and this fan were my dear friends:

Unfortunately after sitting in the direct sun for 30 minutes for the Sam Querrey match and walking across the plaza to meet my aunt, I got a bit dizzy walking up the stands and fell something awful. I tried to go to first aid for ice but no one was at the station, so I ended up with this nice bruise:

Sam Querrey:

But as I said, moving on, my stars will be back inline and no more accidents for me.

Overall, it was a really beautiful day at the Open. I don't know how the players manage to go for hours in the heat, just sitting there I was sweating up puddles.

Wednesday was Yogurt Day sponsored by Stonyfield. So I tried their Probiotic french vanilla yogurt and grabbed a few samples of lip balm.

As for the matches, after a bit of the Querrey/Klahn match, I watched Dustin Brown, a basically unknown player from Jamica, play an amazing game and win in 3 straight sets.

I definitely think he has some potential for the future, but will unfortunately meet Andy Murray (who I went on to watch in Arthur Ashe Stadium) in the next round, so his Open will likely come to a close rather soon. Still the payout for round one is $ 31,600, not too bad for one day!

Arthur Ashe Stadium:


Other matches-American Donald Young get his butt whipped by frenchman Gilles Simon (pictured below):

Gael Monfils play an amazing game, I love to watch players grow and mature, and he definitely seems to have lost a bit of the fiery temper I saw last year. At the same time he still throws in a few crowd pleasing moves from time to time, like a hop over the net when he went for a volley.

My last match of the night was the 1st seeded Bryan brothers, twins who play in such sync it's almost humorous.

In other news, can I just say how much I love Whole Foods bulk food section!?! Last week when buying groceries I bought 1/2 pound of nuts, most expensive item, for $4.80, but everything else, oat bran, whole wheat pastry flour, and mixed grain cereal were all under $1. It's perfect for the single gal who wants to mix it up/try something new without it sitting in my cabinet for months between uses. Love it!

Also love Siggi's which was on sale last week on Fresh Direct and a coworker was nice enough to add to his delivery since I don't have a Fresh Direct account and didn't want to pay the shipping on such few items.

2 more days til the long weekend! Though not sure if I'm taking off Monday, maybe a half day?



  1. oh my! you've had quite an eventful week! hope the finger heals ok.

    also, i love the new background and banner, good job!

  2. It looks like you have had so much lately! The tennis looks amazing (hot but amazing) and even though I live in a diff part of the country, I so enjoy the bulk bins at WF, too! Try and stay healthy - no more accidents! Happy Friday!