Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot hot hot!

I have to say that I LOVE food festivals. I go to as many as I can. The festival I went to today was one of my faves... the Chile Pepper Festival! All things spicy! It's hard not to try everything they have, so I probably tried most of the free samples available. Some of my favorite combinations and spicy and sweet, like pepper and apricot preserves. They even had jalepeno wine! It was actually from a company from my town (the festival was in Bowers, PA, about an hour away from me). I didn't know what to expect, but I tasted the wine and found it to be surprisingly good! At $20 a bottle, though, I decided not to buy it. I had to show some restraint when buying products, because I wanted to buy practially everything I tasted.

Here are some of the things I bought:

Chocolate covered jalepenos!

Hot sauce, cranberry pepper jelly, and hot chili spice mix from 20 peppers company. They use 20 kinds of peppers in their products!

My mom has been looking all over for these!

Tomorrow, my friend from North Carolina will be in PA for a couple of days, so we're going to Hershey Park and Chocolate World for the day. I love going to Hershey--you can smell the chocolate just driving down the street!

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. I was at Bowers Festival today. I didn't see the Chocolate Covered Jalapenos and they were sold out of the Crab Stuffed Poppers (I had those last year). I did have the thai cold peanut noodles and the Chipotle Plum Chocolate Chip Cookies. I also bought a jar of the 20 Peppers Cranberry Jam from my friend Chip Welch. I also had the best BBQ Chicken at Meadow View Farms. Went and picked chiles and tomatoes too. A great day all around.