Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ena's Bachelorette

Hey Bloggies-

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! It's been exciting on my end, and like most weekends went by entirely too fast! This post is going to be quick because I am ready to pass out into a deep sleep.

Last night I helped one of my good friends celebrate her last few nights as a free woman. We had a blast and I'm sure it was a night that Ena will remember for years!

Before heading for cocktails, appetizers, games and presents, I had a hummus and veggie wrap with yogurt on the side. The dinner and show wasn't scheduled until 10:30pm and I wasn't sure about the appetizer selection but wanted to make sure my tummy was padded for drinks.

The girls planning the party did such a good job! I mean they even named a drink after the bride to be, an "Ena-tini" too cute but I ended up sticking with vodka seltzer all night.

And then Ena arrived:

Lots of chatting, picture taking, drinking, and games ensued:

Then it was off to dinner (I'll keep the location undisclosed) and a show where I munched on a small salad and a bit of fried rice:

And off to the bar to dance the night away!

Such a fun night!!!

After sleeping in Sunday morning we met up for brunch at Danal:

I ordered the breakfast burrito sans the cheese:

Danal was also really close to the bakery Baked by Melissa which I keep hearing so much about:

They're known for selling bite size cupcakes, like 2 bites and you're done so can have one and feel guilt free, or in my case have 3 so you can try different flavors. I like the idea and they were good, but I think a bit pricey, 3 for $3. And perhaps too small, I like mini cupcakes, but these were miniscule!
Ok, bedtime, I'll post part II of my weekend in the morning.


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