Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Simple Things of Life

Happy Hump Day everyone!

The week is flying by which makes me incredibly happy because I will be heading to Montauk for a couple of days as of Sunday for my school's grad student retreat. I helped to organize this year's retreat and hope everything runs according to plan!

Monday I came home to this fun and unexpected package from my mom full of just about all of my favorite things. I think if you add some peanut butter and tea it would pretty much some me up, thanks Mom for knowing me so well and putting a smile on my face Monday night!

Tuesday all I really wanted for dinner was cereal, which I allowed myself to do and then ended up eating a slice of dominoes pizza later in the evening when my roommate informed me that she upgraded from a medium pizza to a large when she found a coupon and then upgraded to 2 large pizzas when she found another coupon, but never actually thought about what she would do with 2 large pizzas. But that's what the freezer is for right?

To prep for today's lunch last night I steamed a Delicata Winter Squash in the microwave. Similar to the pumpkin from the other day, I cut it in half, placed in microwave safe dish, covered in plastic wrap, and cooked for 10 minutes. This is a new squash for me, just received in my CSA share yesterday and after a little sampling last night I can tell it will easily be a favorite! It has a nice, natural sweet taste, no need to jazz it up in any way.

Ready for me to scoop out with a fork!


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