Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meals In a Hurry

Hey bloggies-

It's been such a nice relaxing day, nice change of pace after an exhausting week which ended with another migraine and an early night to bed.

This morning I work up well rested, and finished reading the "Glass House." A great and quick read, I highly recommend. Then it was off to the gym, timed to watch the beginning of the Nadal game. I ended up doing extra cardio today so I could watch a decent amount of the second set, and while on the ET I started to think about what I wanted to fix for lunch.

As a graduate student, who has been working longer hours, trying to penny pinch even more, and still make it to the gym more often than not, I definitely gravitate to inexpensive quick fix meals. When I first began the program 2 years ago I was in a pretty good habit of cooking large more elaborate meals on the weekend to eat through the week. But by Wednesday I would grow tired of eating the same thing everyday and a lot went to waste. So now for the most part I throw something together when I get home each evening. Having the CSA share helps to keep my diet varied and full of veggies. I often end up sautéing a bunch of vegetables with tofu and eat it along with a grain such as quinoa or throw into a wrap.

This week I also made use of an Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese mix, nutritional content boosted with broccoli and spinach.

And pizza, today's lunch, of course is an easy go a 110 calorie flat bread:

with homemade tomato sauce (tomatoes, wine, hot peppers, onion, garlic, basal-brought to a boil, simmered 30 minutes, and blended-simmered while I was in the shower and dressing)

broccoli, spinach, faux sausage, and part skim mozzarella.

Ended up reading an email and left in the oven too long, but still good.

Off to lab and then down to Madison Sq Park to watch the ladies' US Open tennis finals (the park plays all US Open games on a large HD screen from 11 am-11 pm).



  1. I have many similar "meals in a hurry." Yay for the grad student life :)

  2. I just read a book called Glass House too! But it was a vampire book, so I'm guessing it's not the same book!