Saturday, September 4, 2010

Embracing It!

First off my bruise is looking beautiful:

After 2 days of resting my leg I got back to the gym yesterday with 30 minutes on the stairmaster. It involved more pressure on the toes so my knee didn't feel it too much. Afterward I met up with a friend for drinks and appetizers at Rosa Mexicana before heading to Lincoln Center for their free opera screenings.

I ordered a sangria and we shared their guacamole which is made fresh right next to your table.

Last's night opera showing was Hansel and Gretel, ah, lets just say we're glad we didn't pay...

Afterward we climbed the titled lawn, the grass covered roof which will eventually house facilities for the Film Society and a restaurant. There seems to be a lot of critism of the newly designed architecture of Lincoln Center, but I think it's absolutely beautiful and love the modern touch.

Today has been pretty relaxing. I did some cleaning and froze a bunch of tomato sauce I made once again this week. The recipe was pretty much the same as before, however, I kept the skins on for a deeper/richer color. I also simmered for longer with the lid off in order to cook away more of the liquid. I attempted to remove the skins and seeds with a strainer...

...but didn't have much luck, it was more like soup than sauce.

I decided to instead blend half of the sauce in my Magic Bullet

and mixed everything together. This seemed to workout well and the flavor is the best of the 3 batches I have made in the last month.

Finally, with my dinner of a salmon burger and sauteed swiss chard and spinach with feta and hot sauce. While cooking dinner, I was incredibly hungry so I also munched on some pretzels and nuts.
I also had a pumpkin ale with dinner. This year I have been dreading the coming of fall something terrible simply because it means winter is right around the corner. But I need to remember that I actually like fall or at least all things pumpkin which come during the fall.

I also have some fun trips coming up during the season to look forward to-

1. School retreat
2. Friend Ena's bachelorette party
3. Apple picking/wine tasting in hudson river valley area
4. Austin City Limits
5. Fellowship conference in Ca

So while I am dreading the cold and hate the shortening days, there is plenty to keep me smiling.

Hope you're having a great weekend,


  1. The lawn looks amazing -- what a fun way to spend the evening!! We have a Rosa Mexicana in Atlanta and their gaucamole is incredible :) It looks like you have some fun times coming up -- enjoy it!

  2. Pumpkin Ale...that is something I have never tried. While I hate to see summer go, I look forward to the beautiful scents and colors of fall including fresh apple pies! Have a great Labor Day!