Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Needs Canned Pumpkin

Since there was a pumpkin shortage last season, it's been a bit hard to find cheap canned pumpkin this year, as in Libby's.

But who needs Libby's when you have your very own eating pumpkin? Fixing pumpkin puree is actually quite simple.

Cut the pumpkin in half with a sharp knife. If it's even slightly dull better to used a serrated knife and more in a sawing motion. A dull knife is likely to slip, and while too dull to cut the pumpkin, would probably be sharp enough to cut your skin.

Scoop out the insides, I thought about saving the seeds to cook, but didn't feel like the extra work so at a few raw and tossed the rest.

Lay pumpkins in a microwave safe dish face-up, add about an inch of water into dish, cover with saran wrap. And cook for 15 minutes on high. Allow to cool and scoop out flesh.

Immediately I mixed 1/3 cup for so of pumpkin with 1/2 cup of cinnamon apple sauce, and added a few crumbled up gingerbread cookies and cooked in microwave for 30 sec. Quick and healthy dessert!

As for the rest, well first I need to put it into a blender for actual puree, but then...oatmeal for the week? Or if I find the motivation/time pumpkin bread? Or pumpkin brownies? pancakes? The possibilities are endless!!!



  1. You are so smart! I love love love pumpkin! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sounds great, but if you do not have the time, there is a great company called Farmers Market that has plenty of organic canned pumpkin available.. there is no pumpkin shortage.....You can call them at 541.757.1497. They can send it to you directly or you can tellyou favorite grocery store and they will bring it in.