Friday, April 1, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me

Well, it sort of is Christmas to me...I've been using up some gift cards I received at Christmas this week to make some purchases for my upcoming trip to Peru...getting so close, I'm so excited.

Most of it was cushion/a waste of paper:

The rest, well...basically it's only granola bars, gummi snacks (I'm terrified I'm going to get food poisoning at some point while on my trip so I'm planning to eat these if I'm ever concerned about my food options), a new purple water bottle, a hiking stick, poncho (though I now which I bought a rain coat...may have to use target gift card for this...), and some cereal.

Walking stick:

The cereal is for now! I hate how much cereal cost in New York, it's rare to find a box that is less than $5, and I'm talking small boxes for that price. However, I realized that Amazon has several cereal options that they sell in bulk that are much cheaper. Of course you have to be prepared to eat several of the same boxes of cereal...but with Honey Nut Chex I don't think that'll be much of a problem.

Random fact for today-I've been watching a lot of stand up comedy on Netflix lately as I fall asleep, and while I have always been a Sinbad fan, I have a new found appreciation for him. His standup routines from the early 90s not only have me missing the 90s once again, but also keep me from falling asleep. I end up literally laughing out loud! I think if he came around on a new tour I would go without thought! Plus he can be funny without cursing, gotta love that!!

Finally-continuing with guess the dish, here are the main ingredients for dessert. All that's missing is milk and cream. Any guesses?

Have a great Friday!!!



  1. cereal $5 a box? Geez. We have publix BOGO's here that makes cereal cheap. I am so excited for your Peru trip -- what are you doing down there?

  2. That dessert has to be bananas foster. Am I right?

  3. Banana custard/bananas foster? Either way I bet it's going to be delish!