Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The latest thing

The latest baked good in my kitchen, orange chocolate chip scones. I love scones, they remind me of my time in England.

Do you have a pastry blender for mixing butter with flour? Growing up that's all I used for making pastries, but I currently don't own one (mom my birthday is coming up ;)). Instead I use 2 knives and run them back and forth in a cutting motion.

Latest food obsession. Blue Diamond Almond Butter-I finally had the chance to try this because it was on sale! Unfortunately it's amazing and I'm scared I'll want to buy it all the time.

Next thing I want to recreate...
Trader Joe's pretzel stick, basically a pretzel loaf. This with almond butter...I was in heaven.

Have you tried any new food items lately?


1 comment:

  1. These scones look AMAZING. I'll have to try these after lent is over. Pretzel sticks are so good, right? Melt cheese on top of one, you won't hate it. :)