Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best Dance Videos

Every time I watch Ciara I'm not only in awe of her toned and muscular physique but also in her incredible dance skills!

And I think few would argue that Usher is one of the hottest dancers of the last decade.

This Jennifer Lopez original-"If you had my love" might not be her best dance video, but it will always be close to my heart :). I remember dancing around in my living room to this song and music video when I was in middle school, and every time the song pops up on my itunes, particularly the lyric "If you want to live, with all I have to give" I want to do the little turn and dip she does at min 2:09.

The final video of this post was an easy choice-Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream"

What's your favorite dance video?



  1. Oh do I feel old because I can't think of one!

  2. I love Usher. Sooo good. I'll admit, Britney's dance videos get me every time :)