Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Hike

In order to prepare for my Peru trek in 2 weeks, I planned a day hike for this weekend with a friend. After reading a few reviews of trails outside of the city I decided to catch a loop from Cold Spring, NY. Which is about an hour outside of the city by the Metro North. Several reviews said this trail could be difficult, get your heart pumping, and cause you to break a sweat, not a walk around the park. The trail ended up being just as describe and was perfect to remind me that hiking can be challenging.

It was the perfect day for a hike. I usually only hike during the summer where the greenery is over growing and I worry about rubbing against it and ending up with a tick. Hiking in the spring is so much better, life is starting to come back to the forest, but there are few bugs, and the trees are only beginning to bud so you have less to rub against. Few leaves also means better views. The weather was pretty perfect too, warm enough to get away with a fleece and a vest but not so hot that I was dripping sweat.

We picked a nice spot by a lake for lunch.

I packed a pb and banana sandwich and also had a few pretzels.

While eating lunch I noticed that the top of the mountain still had snow. Little did I know that we would eventually make it to the top and see snow myself!

The views at the top were breath taking.

Everything was beautiful, peaceful and calm.

Can you see the frog?

What comes up, must go down. The down was surprisingly more painful than the up...and going down seemed to take forever! Or maybe my mind was just on dinner?

What's your favorite outdoor spring activity?


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  1. precious precious pictures :) y'all look so cute!!! favorite outdoor spring activity? riding my bicycle!!!!!