Monday, April 11, 2011

Sea Lice

Hey Bloggies-

Did a short disappearing act this weekend and gave my camera the weekend off as well so I'll do a quick written review.

Friday couldn't come fast enough last week. I needed a mental break like none other and was so excited to meet a friend for a glass of wine and the opera, we saw Tosca at the Met.

Saturday I was on the bus nice and early to hop over to Philadelphia to visit with my mom, sister, and grandma. I also had to grab a few things for Peru...speaking of Peru I really need to start packing!! I have no idea how I'm going to get everything into my rucksack. Any suggestions on how to pack a sleeping bag? I want to attach it on the bottom of my rucksack, but feel like it might be too big. Mmm, I'll have to show you a picture.

I got back to New York late Sunday night, tried to do a bit of writing and then hit the hay. As soon as I hit publish I need to get back to it!

In other news...
Have you heard of Sea Lice?

How gross are they? Apparently they can be a pest for fish farmers. This BBC article talks about recent breaches in what is considered to be allowable levels.

Yet another reason to only eat organic fish. Sea-lice do occur naturally in the sea, but are not a problem for wild salmon. Sea lice that attach themselves to a wild fish die as soon as the host fish enters fresh water. Farm raised fish, however, never enter fresh water.


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