Thursday, April 7, 2011


I recently came across this clip from a documentary "PressPausePlay"-

And I must say I completely disagree with the premise and am particularly disappointed with Moby's view point. "If everybody is a musician and everybody is making mediocre music eventually the world is covered with mediocrity...and people start to become comfortable with mediocrity..."

This is america, we are not driven by mediocrity. We want to be the biggest, the best, have the hottest cars, and the largest houses. Don't get me wrong, there are a pocket of people who are okay with being average but that's a conversation for another day. People are not starting bands, taking the time to make movies because they think it's easy, or that you put it up a video online and tomorrow you'll be the next big thing. They start bands because they want an outlet, they think they have talent, they think they are unique. And you know, more than half probably do suck; however, the moment that video goes online the world is your judge. People don't want to listen to crap and when they have the anonymity of the web, they can say whatever they want and be the harshest judge.

I think the internet is a great thing in terms of music and film. We are seeing boundaries pushed further than ever and opening the door for new sounds, because that's what people want. The stuff that is pushed to us from the big labels because some big time producer thinks it's good, well that's the stuff that's mediocre. Why would I want to turn the radio on when I'm going to hear the same 10 songs every hour, and half the songs sound like each other. Instead I'd rather hop over to a music blog and see what they're listening to these days because it's their craft.

Going back to the point about having an outlet. If you find something that you are passionate about, found what you want to do with your life-then by all means go for it!

What do you think of the video? Does youtube and the easy access to music these days lead to advancements or more just average choices?

Going beyond the video we can bring it to the idea of blogging. I think blogging is such a great concept, and while there is a lot of crap out there, blogging gives people an outlet. You are allowed to be an expert of your domain and it gives the opportunity for conversation and judgement as well. In certain fields it pushes journalist to do a better job, to do a bit more research because why go read a newspaper that is giving you a quick review when you can hop over to the experts blog and have all the details!


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  1. While I think there is a lot of mediocre music, there's also a lot of brilliance out there, too! I think YouTube is just another outlet for artists to express themselves and showcase their music.