Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pack pack pack

Among the million of things I need to do tonight, start packing is pretty high on the list. I was kinda freaking out about how I was going to get my huge sleeping bag into my rucksac. In the end that's not happening...I'll have to rent one from somewhere in Cusco. Not going to worry about it at the moment and more thankful for the extra space...as is I still need to fit in a towel.

While packing I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution 2? Anyone else watch? I haven't ate a burger in >10 years and after watching the processing of ground beef I'm pretty sure I will never eat one again.

To some of the eats from the day....

I was pretty snacky the first half of the day. I tend to get that way while writing, when thoughts don't come suddenly my stomach starts to rumble.

Snack 1, reese's pieces and cashews:

Snack 2: pretzels

Lunch-brown rice wrap with spinach, mushrooms, and cheese, under the broiler:

Afterwards folded over:

After lunch I attempted to write for another 30 minutes, then did 30 minutes of pilates, showered, and headed into lab for a few hours at the microscope and imaging.

Dinner was a repeat of yesterday, minus the eggs, and I had cinnamon graham crackers w/pb for dessert and now it's nearly 9 so I gotta run and try to get a few more items checked off the list. Can't believe I'm leaving in 3 days, so much more to do!!


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  1. I haven't watched the second one for Food Revolution, but the first series was eye-opening!