Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 more days!

Guys, 2 more days until I'm hopefully front and center with my british boys! Isn't Alex so cute!

Ok, moving on! Tonight I took my 3rd hot yoga class, and once again it was amazing. I forgot how much I enjoy yoga, and the heat is just what I need to really stretch out my muscles and get into poses I never imagined possible. Before each class I'm constantly coming up with excuses in my head of why I can't attend the class, but so far I've gone to each class that I originally planned to attend, and am amazed at what my body can do!

I'm constantly placing limitations on what I think I can do, but just being in the moment, being in the pose, and putting a bit of faith into myself, into my strength and I'm there-or at least that much close to being there the following class.

I love what the instructor said at the end of today's class-and I'm not going to quote this exactly. Basically, it was about how our minds are constantly racing with hundreds of thoughts, but these thoughts don't have to become us. If we can step outside of our thoughts and look at them what is really necessary, what is our major focus and should we let is consume us. I wish I could remember her words exactly because it was so dead on and I know I ended up adding my own twist onto what she said.

Hoping that it won't snow tonight because the walk to the high school where I tutor will be miserable!


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