Friday, December 11, 2009


My friend and I got to Terminal 5 for the show 10 minutes before the doors opened and found the largest line I've seen at a concert prior to doors opening. Unfortunately it was also freezing out and we still had to wait 15 minutes before we were allowed inside.

There was no way we were going to make it front row without starting a fight so we decided on the second floor balcony which still has an awesome view. Plus it was way too cold to stand outside longer than 15 minutes in the hopes of a front row spot.

The opening band was amazing-the Screaming Females!
I got a shot of their lighting guide, at least I think that's what it was...

Anyhow, prior to their performances I thought it was going to be a painful set based on their myspace page. But live, the lead singer, Marissa Paternoster, had incredible vocals and rocked out on the guitar.

It's getting late and I need to get to class, so I'm going to cut this short. Although I would love to go into more detail about both the Screaming Females and the Arctic Monkeys who actually ended their show with an encore tonight! In the past the band had given very few, but after selling out 2 shows in NYC I think it was deserved. Seriously, best Arctic Monkeys show yet, and no matter how much they play I never want the moment to end!!

I'll leave you with this video from the show, not the best quality but I want to show it more to highlight the crowd moshing. Another reason I'm glad I took the balcony. I love the band but could leave the audience...sign I'm getting too old?

Baking post later in the day :) Also, enter to win Target gift card, $200 here.


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