Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Death of Imeem

Hey all-

I'm prolonging the inevitable, walking out in the snow. It looks so beautiful from my window but I hate the crunch under my feet, so right now I'm sipping on some coffee and blogging! Thankfully we only received 11" compared to Philadelphia's 22". At the same time, that means my cousin who was suppose to return to Philly today has a prolonged visit thanks to her bus cancellation.

For now let's talk about Imeem. How I loved this music site that allowed you to listen to an artist's entire album and create your own playlist by sampling from albums on the site. They also featured so many upcoming indie bands, it was great!

About 3 weeks ago, I saw that the site had begun to slow down their featured playlist and videos on their main page. Then one day when I opened the imeem page I was immediately brought to MySpace Music. What!?! Well myspace music bought Imeem. I avoided the site like the plague and instead actually listened to my own library of music (for some reason I only listen to my library of music while on the go via my ipod) and also started to use pandora again.

Today, however, I decided to explore Myspace music, and ahhhh, I'm not impressed. Their featured music is so commercial and the "introducing..." page includes We the Kings and Kid Sister. Why are they still being introduced? I saw both preform at MTV U's spring break '08 at Panama City, Fl and both had music videos playing on MTV(a video on MTV, to me that would signify making it to some degree, no?).

We the Kings actually made it pretty high on the US music chart as well with their single "Check Yes Juliet." I probably wouldn't be so critical if Myspace was simply pushing their most recent album, Smile Kid, but they make it seem like the band is new. I think it's also the fact that their introducing bands aren't small unknown bands, they're just more slightly off the norm so the everyday music listener doesn't know them, ok I'll stop my rant, but why Imeem, why, you had something so great going!

Kid Sister at MTV U Spring Break '08.
Thanks for taking the time to mourn with me, if you never knew Imeem, you were surely missing out.


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  1. Awww. I'm said I never knew Imeem. I didn't even know it existed! Waaah!