Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cold Weather Blues

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas! I know I've been baking, and partying, and seeing Christmas lights, but it just didn't seem like Christmas to me until this morning. Originally I was planning on going back to Philadelphia yesterday afternoon, but I really wanted to get some additional lab work done so my mom paid to switch my bus ticket to today, thanks Mom!

Although I was feeling really motivated lab wise, and gym wise (really pushed with the interval training and followed the cardio with lunges, single leg squats, and a few bicep and tricep exercises), I was having a lazy eating day. Apart from a banana with my lunch, I really was not feeling the addition of either fruit or veggies to my diet. Solution, Trader Joe's Green Smoothie. While I missed out on the fiber by drinking rather than eating the spinach, seaweed, mango, among other ingredients, I at least got some much needed vitamins, and I did have both oatmeal and beans during the day, which are full of fiber.

Sorry, the picture was post consumption, I drank it on the go.

I also did a bit of baking last night, in the form of cookie peppermint bark.

I'm giving most to my aunt and uncles on Christmas but I tasted a small piece and it was delish!

I woke up this morning to find a Christmas present from my roommate. Several of these cute "tea bulbs."
Look how pretty they are! Can't wait to try them out, unfortunately I left them in NYC so they'll have to wait until I return.
I was seriously so excited when I opened up the package and saw McNulty's. I've never been to the place my 5.5 years in the city and had intended on going last Thursday but my bags were already heavy and I needed to get home. Sorry, I should back up, McNulty's is a gourmet tea and coffee shop in Manhattan, and I've seen nothing but great ratings about the place on Yelp!
Thanks Christine!!!

I was going to begin my post complaining about the cold weather and how I'm not a fan, which I'm not! But being in the holiday spirit I didn't want to begin on such a negative note, nor did I want the first picture you see to be my bloody finger. In addition to this nice gash, I have 3 others all on the same hand! All result from me simply rubbing against just about any surface. My hands are so dry from the winter weather, despite constant application of hand creams, I don't know what to do. If never had a problem near this bad, in fact, everyone usually compliments me on my soft skin. I'm going to have to find some better lotion, any suggestions?

Mmm, tonight I'm thinking I want to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol, I haven't seen it in forever! My sister saw the new Disney version in theaters and said it was somewhat scary, I wonder if she was exaggerating. I'm guessing we'll also be doing some baking, I wonder if I can convince my mom to make some vegan goods for Santa this year?

Happy Holidays


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