Monday, December 14, 2009

Party Time

Hey all-

3 days and 4 parties, it's been a crazy 72 hours...well still counting, I'm about to head to the 4th. This post includes 2/4 parties, need to spread them out a bit.

Party # 1 was a cookie decorating party

There were also lots of snacks to munch on and wine a flowing but I didn't picture everything.
Decorated so pretty!
I then ran from this party to my friends company party. Got to get the pictures from him and then I'll post. The end of the night was pretty crazy and it's definitely deserves a separate posting.

After a good night's sleep it was time for a Brunch and cookie exchange. While I ran out to pickup last minute brunch items I also treated myself to a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. I almost walked out when I remembered a tall was $4.25, but I realized my last Starbucks trip was back in October and I figured one per season wouldn't hurt.

Spread included fruit, veggie frittata, sweet potato fries, and the featured guest-Mimosas. This was after all my monthly wine party with the girls of my class. Though you would be right to recognize a male's arm below, we make one exception!
After letting food and bubbly settle we were ready to try out some of the cookies we each baked up!
Cranberry orange-I love these to death!

Vegan coconut chocolate cookie-think girl scout samoas :)
Peanut butter cookies and Pecan bars

There were also my Mexican Hot chocolate cookies.

I tried a bit of each cookie and took several with me!

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  1. Seeing these yummy cookies is putting me in the mood to bake! Perhaps Santa will leave some more M&m's in your stocking!