Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BBC Radio 1

It's now been nearly 4 years since I studied in London, but my time spent there definitely changed the way I listen to music. While in England I began listening to BBC Radio 1, and I still tune in when I want to hear new british talent or when I get bored with imeem music playlist.

During the last year the radio station has had a major shift in DJ time slots, and I'm happy to see some young new faces. Most recently I think I've fallen for Dev, the host of the breakfast show in the UK (11pm-1:30 am US east coast time). He's cute right? Could possibly use a hair cut? But he has the best accent!

Last year at this time I started listening to Friendly Fires which I discovered while listening to radio 1. I'll be going to their concert on Saturday at Webster Hall, the band seems fun and I've heard good things about their live performances, can't wait!


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