Sunday, December 6, 2009

The XX and Friendly Fires Concert

Ahh-Just got back from another great concert!

The openers for the Friendly Fires was another british bad, The xx. The band consist of three 20 year olds, the keyboardist (far right in picture), left the band less than a month ago, citing exhaustion. I wasn't too impressed with the band's performance tonight. While I do find their single "Crystalised"soulful and relaxing I was bored by most of their other songs and felt that they could have overall used a bit more energy in their performance. And yes I'm aware their music is slow and the band takes much of their inspiration from R'n'B, but you still need to be able to engage your audience for 40 minutes.

Friendly Fires, however, were amazing from the moment lead singer Ed Macfarlane stepped onto the stage and busted out his moves. Words can't describe it, but I had so much fun jumping around, and singing along! During the encore the lead guitarist, Edd Gibson, jumped into and walked through the crowd, including right in front of me. I love getting so close to band members and feeling their energy! When he attempted to jump back onto the stage he fell backwards, thankfully we were all waiting there to catch him. Unfortunately, thebouncer who was trying to pull him up also fell down, and we were not waiting to catch him. As a result he fell on a few people, maybe even broke the nose of the girl in front of me. A girl standing on the side of the stage was able to pull Edd back on stage, and to pay her back for her "generosity," he gave, what started as a peck, and progressed into a full blown kissing session! Definitely a memorable ending to the show!!

I love this video, it's from the Friendly Fires' first released single "Paris" back in November 2007. It's so simple, but I love the effects of the bursting ball.

-As you can tell I'm hard to please ;)

Also, sorry for those who subscribe and may have received this post multiple times, I was having some posting issues tonight.


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  1. Hey that "generous" girl that helped Edd up was me! I moved upstage and hopped on a speaker box last minute and NEVER expected what happened..but LOVED it! I have to tell you that no kiss was involved but I can dream ;) (or live vicariously through your post!) Does anyone have video of Edd's crowd surf/me saving his life?? (aka..pulling him back on stage?) I met a guy from MTV who had video of the moment and I gave my email for him to send but I havent heard from him! Thanks and can't wait for FF in NYC again!!