Thursday, August 26, 2010

The best part of waking up cereal in my bowl.

Cereal is by far my favorite breakfast food. Yes I have a love affair with oatmeal/oat bran from time to time and the occasional morning egg, pancake, waffle, bagel, scone, or muffin is nice; but my heart will always be with cereal.

The downside to cereal, I can rarely eat one bowl. This morning I went with 2 servings of Life and a 1/4 cup of nuts on the side, I was a content girl!

Packed lunch:

Between my breakfast and lunch I feel like I'm 12 again, but I think I'm okay with that!

Sometimes I want to go back to those days of my youth when I was naive and with little care; and the most exciting part of summer was finding out what teachers you were going to have for the coming year. In my middle school they divided students into 4 different teams and you would rotate around the different teachers in the team for math, science, english, social studies, etc. My sister is going into 8th grade and just found out she is on the Panther team. It's so sad but I couldn't remember what team I was on in 8th grade at first. In 7th grade I was on the road runner team and can remember each one of my teachers clearly. As for 8th grade, I finally remembered I was on the Leopard team, but for teachers, I still can't quite remember my social studies and science teachers. That could be because 8th grade was my least favorite year in school. I almost got a B in science, the horror, (I ended up with an A) and the kids in 8th grade are just incredibly judgmental!! That said, maybe I don't want to be 12 again?

As for this weekend, I have so much on my to do list and with my to do list at work I'm back to sleepless nights due to increasing anxiety. In fact I cancelled my plans tonight so I can clean and run errands, which I totally feel bad about, but sometimes you just need some me time, right?

To do this weekend:
1. Buy new running sneakers
2. Buy new blush
3. Clean-straighten room, clean bathroom, sweep/mop floors
4. Laundry
5. Grocery shopping for fruit, yogurt, grains
6. Bake bread
7. Cook and freeze CSA veggies
8. Host friend from Philly
9. Lab work
10. Enjoy the sun!!



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  1. I am obsessed with breakfast favorite meal of the day. I am in an oatmeal phase right now. My 8th grade was divided into different cities in the state of Georgia. I was in the city of Savannah. The cool part about that is you get to take a trip to your city for the 8th grade trip. What type of blush are you getting? I love the Maybelline mineral blush.