Monday, August 30, 2010

Reminded Again

One more week to the unofficial end of summer and New York City is going out with a bang! The temperatures have returned to the balmy sweltering 90's, thankfully, those 70* days were making me sad (give me the heat any day!!), and I took advantage by spending a great deal of my Saturday/Sunday outside.

I met up with my high school friend Erica on Saturday for brunch at Alice's Teacup. The wait wasn't too terrible for a Saturday afternoon, so we left our name and walked around for a bit. As we walked I also went through their menu in my head, I had previously looked at the menu online knowing that I would have a hard time deciding what to order.

I love breakfast foods, but wasn't necessarily in the mood for something too carby, at the same time the daily selection of scones looked amazing, as always. Once seated the waitress told us of the daily specials which included a vegan chickpea and curry pureed soup. That sounded delicious so I went with the "lighter fare" selection on the menu and paired the soup with half a sandwich.

The meal also came with a rosemary roll. I had planned to only try the roll since I had the sandwich, but boy was this bread amazing!! I couldn't let it go to waste :-)

I also ordered an energiteric (I think it was) ice tea since I was feeling pretty sluggish. The tea did the trick and any looming sleepiness disappeared! I need to go back and get the leaves of that tea so I can make it at home.

After filling ourselves we walked up to the Guggenheim. On the way we passed La Maison Du Chocolat and stopped in to take a closer look.

Erica ended up buying two macaroons and as she paid we were offered free samples. I tried the chocolate ganache, and can we say heaven, so good!

I walked around the Guggenheim for about 1.5 hours and then ended up walking the 2 mi back to my lab to take care of a few lingering/daily task

After heading home, a dinner of leftovers, and a few minutes of downtime, I met backup with Erica and we walked (another 1.3 mi) to Central Park for their last outdoor movie screening as part of the Central Park Conservancy Festival. The evenings film was viewer's choice, Manhattan.

I've never watched a Woody Allen movie in its entirety, and admit that it was humorous but also very strange. I ended up quickly doing a google search to see the reaction of a 42 year old dating a 17 year old in 1979, but couldn't find much, was it not a big deal?

This picture hardly demonstrates the number of people spread across the lawn.

After the screening we then walked the 1.3 mi back home, boy did I cover some ground on Saturday!

I love that New York offers so many free cultural events during the summer, such things continue to remind me why I love this city. Sunday Ryan invited me to an outdoor opera screening. From August 28-September 6 The Metropolitan Opera House shows a different opera every night on a huge HD screen on the Lincoln Center Plaza. Last night they screened The Magic Flute. It was presented in English for a family friendly night, and also a pretty goofy opera. I'm hoping to get back at least once more for a non English performance.

No real pictures because I forgot my camera and was coming from the gym so I didn't have time to run back home and retrieve it, next time.

Happy Monday,

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  1. tea in a mason jar...the only thing that would make it more southern is if it was sweet :) have a great week!