Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Island Weekend

Guys I had such a wonderful, relaxing weekend, thanks to a couple of adventures out to Long Island/Queens and the company of great friends.

Friday was a pretty relaxing night with a trip to Stogo for non-dairy yogurt and to see Eat Love Pray with Amanda. Loved the movie and definitely recommend if you read the book. I'm not sure if the entire message in the book was conveyed in the movie, but as far as book to movie translations go, it was great.

Saturday a few friends and I drove to visit a few wineries out in LI. We stopped at 5, tasted 4, and had yummy eats along the way.

First up was Dilberto Winery:

I loved the atmosphere of the winery, while sipping on wine there was live music being played and fresh grilled pizza being passed around.

Next up was Harbe's Vineyard Winery:

The Red Horse:

Then off to the Love Lane Kichen to fill our stomachs before a few more pours of wine. By this point I had tasted 11 different wines and was beginning to feel it although I only had about 2-3 sips of each, I guess that adds up pretty quickly.

I ordered the mozzarella and portobello sandwich with onion rings on the side. The sandwich was pretty good although it could have used more mushroom, but the bread was fantastic and the loved the pesto spread. And I devoured the onion rings, can't remember the last time I've had one and they were a nice treat. I also ate a couple of Ryan's sweet potato fries, I can't resist a sweet potato, plus I was debating between onion ring and fries and had the best of both worlds this way.

Next up and my favorite overall, Shinn winery:

Perfect day for wine tasting:

And for photography:

Our last stop for tasting was the Lenz winery:

Canopy made with real grape vines:

Roof of canopy:
It was such a great experience and I liked each winery in it's own way. Lenz had a large selection of a variety of wines and their estate was just beautiful. I could easily see having a wedding on their property.

Later in the evening we headed about 15 minutes away from the wineries toward Greenpoint for seafood and to walk around the cute town center.

After wandering we decided on Claudio's Restaurant for dinner. I ordered the Flounder Bruschetta with a side salad for a slightly lighter meal (sorry dark photo). It was good, but there was too much oil and garlic for me, and it certainly wasn't worth the price. Oh well, you never know til you try.

I ended up reaching my apartment around 12 am and crashed pretty quickly after into my bed. 7 hours later I woke to exercise and get ready for my beach outing with Amanda.

We took a ridiculously long subway ride and reached Rockaway Park Beach. We settled for a bit, ate lunch and decided to walk along the beach.

So glad we did because after a good 30 minute walk down the beach front we came to Breezy Point, which was the beach area we had originally planned to visit.

So glad we wandered, the area was so peaceful, and there were so many cute bike riders. I definitely want to go back, sooner than later with a bike of my own!

Thankfully the rain held off until we reached back into Manhattan this evening. And while a sunny day would have been nice we probably would not have walked and come across Breezy Point. I'm so thankful for the chance to have such an amazing sad we are already half through August. 3 more weekends left of summer :(

What did you do this weekend?

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