Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scenic Drives

Day 2 began with Great Harvest Apple Cinnamon Chip bread with a few nuts and a bowl of fruit on the side (not pictured) and a cup of coffee.

After a leisurely and relaxing morning we headed to Bear Mountain State Park, but took a wrong turn and ended up in West Point. After a quick glimpse of the military academy we took yet another wrong turn but came upon some amazing fews and a farm selling pies and fudge. I'm not sure if it was my stomach talking or the bright signs that beckoned me towards the farm, but we turned up the little driveway and bought that fudge. And boy was it good! I haven't had fudge in years and this was just perfect, not too sweet, and the texture was just right.

Eventually we made it to Bear Mountain for an afternoon picnic and hiking. And then drove around 7 lakes (drove past 5 of 7) looking for a place to rent canoes. No luck, so we're attempting to find rentals today. If not swimming will suffice.

For dinner we split the cooking responsibilities. Mom roasted potatoes and started the grilled. I roasted a pepper and prepared the other veggies for the grill. In the end I had a veggie sandwich with grilled egg plant and zucchini, a 1/3 of a roasted pepper, tomato, cheese and...

a bit of this dip for a spread. So delicious!!!!

Ok, off for real this time.

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