Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend in Philly

Hey all-
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm currently sitting in my living room looking at my wonderful view and raindrops hitting the window pane, not quite ready to get up and ready my self for another work week.

Friday afternoon I headed into Philly for a family BBQ on Sunday. Recently my friend Amanda moved back to Philadelphia so I decided to head down early in order to spend time with my BFF from middle school (we go way back). Didn't take too many photos this weekend put did and saw plenty.

Like the yarn bombed tree in Ritten House, I think the girl who did this went to my high school:

Philadelphia is actually becoming a more appealing city and I could potentially see myself moving there one day. After living in New York for so long I didn't think I would ever move back, but the hustle and bustle of New York can be a bit much at times and a slower pace is nice sometimes. Plus I love how bike-able Philadelphia is becoming.

Also got to play with Amanda's kittens:

I brought tomatillos with me so we made salsa verde, using this recipe but used 1 cup of water instead of 2 and let it simmer for 30 minutes compared to the 10-15 called for in the recipe. I suppose it depends on the texture you are looking for, I like my salsa more chunky than watery.

We paired the salsa with tomatoes, peppers, and fish for a fish tacos.

We also had a few beers:

And met up with some of her friends for Philadelphia nightlife:

Saturday we had a great brunch featuring eggs and more of the salsa verde, the stuff was so good, couldn't get enough!

I met up with my grandma that afternoon and headed to my uncles for a family BBQ, I ended up playing several games and chatting with my cousins and ended up taking no photos!!

I headed back Saturday night with my mom so I could spend a bit of time with her and my sister. We woke early Sunday for a walk/run before church. We went to our local park/path which is set in the woods, but I generally only see a few birds or squirrels as I run around. Yesterday I ended up seeing a hawk take off from the ground, and a deer right next to the path, my 4th time around another deer started walking across my path and I decided to call it quits before a buck ran in from of me (it's happened before and is kinda scary-so much for them being more scared of us!).

Sunday I headed back to NYC with Amanda and was greeted by an Elvis impersonator (the first time I've seen one in New York) and rain. So we decided to call it an easy night and ordered in from my favorite Thai restaurant.

Ok, cardio done for the day, breakfast and coffee consumed, and blogged! I think that's a pretty productive morning, though I had hoped to fit in pilates, will have to do in the evening. Time for a quick shower and work...blah.

Happy Monday!

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