Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running low

So I'm running low on food because I traded lab work, laundry, and grocery shopping in for wine tasting and the beach this weekend, would you have had it any other way?

However, this trade left me with few breakfast options this morning. Definitely need to hit up Whole Foods or Trader Joe's this evening.

Anyhow, for breakfast I ended up having an egg sandwich on a hamburger bun I found frozen in the back of my freezer.

I kinda wish I was having this again (breakfast from last Friday), a smoothie cereal bowl:

Featuring Kashi Sunshine cereal and Dahlicious Lassi, an Indian style yogurt drink. I had the mango variety and it was quite delicious ;) (do you see my silly Zebra magnet in the background):
I made out pretty well with my lunch as well...roasted sweet potato and a red pepper with applesauce on the side (I sound like I'm 5). Can't wait to restock my bare kitchen, I deeply miss whole fruit.

Enjoy your Monday!!


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