Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apple Festival

Nothing says fall like the changes in the leaves...
...and an apple festival!

I went back to Pennsylvania for the weekend to visit my mom and sister, I haven't seen them since August! It was a pretty quick trip, thankfully we had an extra hour this weekend.

Sunday after church we headed to Peddler's Village for their annual Apple Festival.

There was freshly made apple cider... fritters, dumplings, turnovers....
...and dumplings, which my sister opted to eat.
I went for the hot cider in order to keep warm.
I clearly enjoyed, it was gone in mere minutes!
Now I'm back in New York and ready to crash, how did you spend your weekend? Your extra hour?

Have a great week,

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  1. cute hoodie! i love hot apple cider when it's cold :)