Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Mr Sun

More views from Balboa Park-

One more day here in sunny California and I'm so going to miss this, the view from the back of the conference center.

Today's lunch, a rice bowl with tofu and bok choy. After devouring my lunch, I laid out in the sun for about an hour and did a great deal of reading. My feeding cues are now officially on west coast time, which stinks because I'm back to the east tomorrow.

After another symposium, today's was on the circuitry of neuropeptides and feeding, and more posters of various topics, I attended a dinner hosted by the director of the UNCF-Merck fellowship. We had dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto, I was so excited to have fish tonight after everyone raved about the quality of fish in San Diego. Dinner was good but nothing to rave about, I think the east (Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland) do seafood pretty well, I'll leave the Mexican to Cali.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy long day, I think I'll wait until tomorrow to really work out the logistics, but basically I'm going to try and run a few errands first thing in the morning and head to the conference where I have a few posters to see but mostly need to do a lot of reading in the afternoon :( Then it's a redeye back to the east coast, though not quite New York.

Ok, need to make myself hit the bed, it's going to be quite a day.


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