Friday, November 12, 2010

Who has the answer?

4 questions for you

1. What candy signifies the holiday season for me?

2. What vegetable is this?

3. Who is this?

4. Where am I?

1. Mint M&M's! I found my first bag at Walgreens last Friday, it is definitely Christmas time!!

2. Brussels sprouts from my CSA, they were tiny little things, but some of the best I ever ate!

3. Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock. I met a friend at 'witchcraft, a cafe chain in NYC, and it turned out they were having a ping pong tournament, the Everything You Know is Ping Pong Tournament to be precise.

4. San Diego for a Neuroscience conference. I arrived slightly before noon and was welcomed with the most beautiful weather. The temperatures are about 10* higher than posted on and I hadn't packed clothes for 80*, but after a 6 hour flight I wanted to stretch my legs, so I painted my toes, rolled up my pants and was out the door!

Currently I'm back in the hotel and going to do a bit of writing before my roommate arrives and we go for a drink. I'll keep you posted on my trip.

Actually, question 5. Where has Sarah been?


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