Monday, November 15, 2010

Old Town San Diego

Hey all-

Last night's lab dinner was so much fun, there were about 16 in total I believe.

I started with a huge margarita and chips and guacamole. Well that really would have been enough, by the time my vegetarian fajitas came I took a bite and was stuffed! I made one formal fajita, and afterwards stuck mostly to the veggies and beans.

It was proabably the best Mexican food I've ever had, but I was so full and there was so much, quite a bit went to waste.

Dinner was located in the old town area of San Diego. Since it was dark we didn't explore the area so I'm hoping to get back there Wednesday morning before I head back to the east coast to take a better look around.

After another big night of Mexican food and huge margaritas I was ready to call it an early night. I was lame and stayed in my room and watched Holy Rollers. I've kinda been obsessed with Jesse Eisenberg since seeing him the other night back in New York.

After so many heavy meals I also made sure to hit the gym this morning. It's not my favorite hotel gym, it's pretty small and with so many people here for the Neuroscience conference it's always full. However, there isn't a great place to run outside of my hotel, so I made due with a 40 minute elliptical cardio session and a few ab and leg exercises on a stability ball.

Off to breakfast and the convention center, catch you later.


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  1. what is your ultimate goal/dream job with your neuroscience degree? do you have much school left?