Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nontraditional Thanksgiving

I'm keeping this post short and sweet because I'm exhausted! I've been up since 2:50 am ET, and left my apartment at 3:30am for my morning departure to San Francisco. I made it to the Bay Area at bit after 9 and to my hotel by 10am. After digesting lunch (it was 1:30 pm ET by the time I ate and I was starving) I called family and friends and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving and began to wander the city.

Nontraditional Thanksgiving lunch of an egg white and spinach wrap and green tea from Starbucks-thank goodness there was one in my hotel!

I'm also thankful on this Thanksgiving for getting over my cold right in time to board a 6 hour cross country flight and for the opportunity to explore a new city.

My New York legs took me around from the Civic Center to Fisherman's Wharf, back and more...some photos from my exploration follow.

Okay, off to bed. Need to wake early and get some serious work done on my grant proposal before potentially going to Gap for Black Friday deals and then meet friends to head to the second destination of this West Coast trip.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. I love San Francisco, although haven't been there for years.

    I gave you an award so if you're interested, check out my blog for details :)