Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back Again

Hey all-

It's Nicole and I'm back to New York for a few days, and so happy to be back! San Diego was gorgeous and it was great to see family and take care of some business in Philadelphia, but I'm so glad to be back in my own bed even if only for a few nights (I'll be back to the west coast in a few days for a friend's wedding).

Backing up a bit...

I arrived in Philly Thursday morning via a red eye. Unfortunately Philadelphia airport doesn't always have their act together and it took them >30 minutes to get our luggage to the baggage claim area. As a result I missed my train to my grandmothers. My time was very tight that morning as I had a meeting on Penn's campus at 11am. I decided to skip a shower and changing my clothes, gross I know, and instead asked my aunt to pick me up at 30th st station and headed to University of Penn's campus where I freshened up as best as possible and set up shop for the day. My aunt was amazing, and reserved me an office room for the day.

After getting my head somewhat together, I enjoyed a nice bowl of oatmeal from Au Bon Pain.

After several emails, some reading, and my morning meeting I met my friend Amanda for lunch at the White Dog Cafe, a sustainable restaurant who serves fresh and locally grown foods, with several vegetarian options.

It was great and I highly recommend. I had the veggie wrap, my go to dish these days:

Around 5:30 I met with my aunt and we headed to my grandmother's house for dinner. A little after 10 pm I passed out and slept for about 12 hours. I was hoping by pushing myself to stay awake until 10 pm I would be able to wake at 7/8 am and quickly get back to east coast time. I guess my body had different plans and wanted to make up for lost sleep, and it probably was still on west coast time.

For lunch my grandmother took my cousin and me to Gaya, a Korean restaurant in Blue Bell. The meal started with traditional small plates. I was proud of my grandma and cousin for trying some of everything, it was definiltye a new experience for them both.

For my main meal I had the shrimp teriyaki box, which came with miso soup, california rolls, and dumplings. In other words a lot!

We made it back to my grandmother's in time for her to catch part 1 of Oprah's favorite things. After watching her give away a 3D tv and a 7 day all expense cruise we headed back out the door so she could drop me off at the train. I said goodbye and headed to center city to celebrate Sarah's 24th birthday! I'll leave that post until tomorrow unless Sarah beats me to it ;)


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