Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ena's Wedding Part 3-Food and Drinks

The food at Ena's wedding this weekend was amazing. Apart from oatmeal breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning, all meals were Indian and absolutely delicious. Maybe one day Ena can comment and let me know what the names of everything were, I know what was in each dish just about but I can't begin to remember the names of each.

Everything just about was vegetarian all weekend so I didn't really have to think twice about what to eat and had so many options, it was wonderful :)

Meal 1, lunch at Ena's house:

Appetizers at the Sangeet, there were others but these spinach dumplings were my favorite, had a great little kick.

Clearly dinner was good, I forgot to photograph before stuffing my face!

Hotel breakfast of oatmeal. Oatmeal made by someone else is one of my favorite things, well oatmeal made right that is...the consistency of my quick oats just never comes out right.

And coffee and an apple to snack on later.

Lunch on day 2 featured a spinach dish and an amazing cauliflower dish, Ena if you're reading this please post and let me know what it was, I would love to have it again!

Dessert-an indian rice pudding

Getting ready to go out both nights we sipped on this Californian Merlot

For dinner the last night I went all out and tried some of everything, who knows how long until I have such good Indian food again!!

And there was wedding cake! Oh and not just wedding cake but a huge chocolate fountain which I gladly dipped a strawberry into, yum!!



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