Monday, May 16, 2011

Astrid y Gaston

Hey all-

I actually have one more post about Peruvian cuisine, but I couldn't leave out Astrid & Gaston which is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world! And probably the best restaurant I've ever experienced!! Further for the price, I don't think it could be out done, I will never be able to dine like this on my budget in New York.

From the left to the right, friends of my fellow volunteer Joanne who is sitting next to me on the right. To drink I had a coca infused pisco sour.

After an amazing bread basket which include quinoa breadsticks, chocolate bread, and 3 others that I can't recall we had mini appetizers which include causas, plantains with crab on top, and in the cone tuna ceviche, if I recall correctly.

My main course, butter fish over a pea risotto and scallops on the side.

The meal concluded with a box of petite fours. In the front were coca alfajores, to the left chocolate and not sure the flavor of the other macrons, to the right on the stick was some kind of frozen jelly thing, unpictured or not pictured well were truffles, and chicha morada gummies.

After posting about this meal I'm ready to book my next flight back to Peru tomorrow...if only money and work were not an issue...sigh ;)



  1. quinona breadsticks? sign me up!

  2. you're not done celebrating yet. you still have tomorrow night in philly :)